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Potions Class 2

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Tests will be given once a month. The test will be a review of the month. It will be given on the 22nd of th month and will be due on the 29th of the month by midnight. Tests counts for 2 grades. See the page entitled "Grades" to find out how I grade.

There are no tests at this time!

Here is my PM incase you would rather PM me instead of e-mail me~

This months Test.

There are no tests right now. Come back whe the term starts on September 1, 2005.

I will give out the first test on september 22, and it will be due september 28. As soon as you finish the test please PM it to me so I can grade it . If the quiz is late you will get a zero.

Please do not return any late tests! You will still get a zero!

Homework counts as 1 grade. Tests count for 2 grades. Exams count for 3 grades.

Your term grade will be average after each term. Then your final grade will be averaged at the end of the year.

Thank you for joining potions(class 2)!